Mission and Values

My personal mission

To live life completely and honestly, and to serve the needs of mankind to the best of my ability by guiding people to a healthful and joyful life.

I want to realize this in the following way:

  • Being passionate and compassionate to inspire others and earn their respect
  • Experiencing enjoyment in my work by being full of initiative, accepting challenges and to keep on learning
  • Enjoying physical and psycological health
  • Achieving financial security.

My values

  • I believe that achieving sustained excellence is predicated on Humility, which enables us to collaborate, self-evaluate and reinvent. I believe that humility leads to strength, not weakness. No matter what standards I achieve or how much pride I take in what I do, arrogance is not for me.
  • A strong relationship with my clients based on Trust. Trust propels productivity and progress. Nothing is worth pursuing if its pursuit is not truthful and authentic.
  • An unprecedented level of Integrity. I only accept projects that fall within the parameters of my expertise. Integrity is the ongoing, consistent demonstration of my values throughout my professional life.
  • Full Commitment and Heart to the project until full client satisfaction. I believe that success arises out of the enthusiastic and passionate pursuit of a meaningful and significant goal.


Luca Isabella
Mobile: +39 347 41 54 898
Milano, Italy


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