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Why games?

Action learning is a process which involves working on real challenges, using the knowledge and skills of a small group of people combined with skilled questioning, to re-interpret old and familiar concepts and produce fresh ideas. An action learning set is a group of six to eight people who meet regularly with an action learning facilitator usually for five times over 6-8 months. Most learning sets are made up of peers who work at similar levels of responsibility.

As facilitator and coach, I use Training Games in my Action Learning programs. Games come naturally to human beings. Playing a game is a way of exploring the world, a natural learning activity that’s deeply tied to growth. Games can be fun and entertaining, but they can have practical benefits too.

A game may be thought of as an alternative to the standard business meeting. Most games involve 3 to 20 people and last from 15 minutes to an hour and a half. A game suspends some of the usual protocols of life and replaces them with a new set of rules for interaction.


Gamestorming is an innovative approach that emphasizes quick, ad-hoc organization of teams so they can rapidly co-design and co-develop ideas in a more democratic way of working than most of us are used to.

Gamestorming skills include asking questions (opening, navigating, examining, experimenting, closing), structuring large diagrams, sketching ideas, fusing words and pictures into visual language, and most importantly, improvising to choose and lead a suitable game or invent a new one.

As facilitator, I lead a group towards some goal by way of a game through a structured activity that provides scope for thinking freely, even playfully. The simple but revolutionary techniques of visual thinking and gamestorming assure that your meeting effectiveness is powerfully amplified and you dramatically shorten the length of time needed for a group to solve a problem.

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